www.Mahafood.gov.in – Food | Civil Supplies | Consumer Protection Department | Ration Card

www.Mahafood.gov.in – Food | Civil Supplies | Consumer Protection Department | Ration Card

Mahafood- [www.mahafood.gov.in] Maharashtra | Civil Supplies | Ration Card

Welcome to Mahafood- In March 1965, Food and Civil Supplies Department was formed, independently from the Department of Agriculture, Food and Cooperation. This department mainly deals with demand and supply of the essential commodities in open trade and related matters in public distribution system. The main responsibility of this department is to implement various control orders under the Essential Commodities Act, 1955 and to keep prices stable and deal with weight and measurable issues.


 The following is the Mahafood design of the department:

(1) Offices of State Commission and District Forums

(2) Shirdhupravda mechanism in the Mumbai Thane area

(3) The level of supply offices at the level of the Divisional Commissioner and Collector

(4) Director, Civil Supplies (Warehouse and Transport), Mumbai

(5) Office of the Commissioner of Supplies

(6) Departmental and District Offices, under the control of Regulatory, Legal Sciences, Mumbai

(7) Office of the Financial Advisor and Deputy Secretary


The Main objective of the department is listed below:

  • To strengthen the targeted public distribution system.
  • Ensure easily availability of essential commodities at reasonable rates.
  • To create storage capacity for public distribution system.
  • Conservation and Conservation of Consumers’ Interest by implementing the Consumer Protection Act of 1986.

Valid Measurements Mechanism

As the name says it is the system of weight measurement and enforcement of regulatory provisions. Complaints for customer complaints are operated in the Helpline Controller, Valid Measurement, Maharashtra State, Mumbai and complaints are received during office hours at Telephone No. 022-22886666.

The system and the rules are as follows: 

  • Valid Measurement Act, 2009
  • Valid Measurement (General) Rules, 2011
  • Valid Measurement Rules, 2011
  • Maharashtra Valid Measurement (Implementation) Rules, 2011
  • Valid Measurement (Sample Recognition) Rules, 2011
  • Valid Mythology (Numeric) Rules, 2011
  • Indian Statistical Measures Organization Rules, 2011

Consumer Protection Services, State and District Level Consumer Protection Mechanism

The State Commission was formed on October 31, 1989. The commissioner and the other five members work on his commission. One of these members should be female and another should be a judicial member. Also, the person who is a member of the working / retired district judge, as a judicial member, has the skill, integrity and proficiency in the person who has adequate knowledge or experience of the issues related to economics, law, commerce, accountancy, industry, public affairs or administration or those who take action related to that Appointed persons with special capability. The address of the State Commission’s Office is listed below:

Administrative College, Hazratmal Somani Marg, Before CST Station, Mumbai-400001.


Ministry Telephone Number: 22024243

Name and Designation Room number Office of telephone / Fax number Expanded number
Mr. Girish Bhalchandra Bapat 
Honorable Minister,
Food Civic Supply and Consumer Protection
202 (Extension building) Telephone number 22025300 ***
Telephone number 22024688
Fax No. 22024688     
Mr. Ravindra Dattatray Chavan, Honorable Minister of State,

Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection
A-6 (Main building) Telephone number 22027075
Telephone number 22025277
Fax No..22025277
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